• Designed strategy and reinforcers required to create an inclusive culture.
  • Created a strength-based development culture for a practice of 6000+ people.
  • Led a programme to tackle systemic gender challenges. 56% of participating females were promoted to director level.
  • Supported NHS England to build their talent management capability.


  • Built the inclusive leadership capability of senior leaders and their teams.
  • Created a transformational learning programme in partnership with London Business School.
  • Led a National talent programme in the Middle East. 90% of participants are now senior leaders.


  • Coached a leadership team to set the tone and create the culture for their new business.
  • Supported a leadership team in distress; focused on building trust in order to grow their business.
  • Led a global energy training programme, which built local capability in Europe, South America, the Caribbean and the U.S.